Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Team Zambia!

Went on a Erasmus scheme with my university to Sardinia! It was very hard work, we had a brief and were put into teams, I was with a Greek guy named Constantions Terlikkas who is a design student and a Spanish guy named Miguel Angel Maure who is an architect and rapper in his spare time. They were awesome guys and I fully enjoyed working with them, through the stress and language barriers. We had to produce a short animation to help educate children (10 years old) in Zambia and in Italy to take care of trees. Helping them to learn that if you take care of nature, nature will take care of you.  We couldn't have any talking in it or words (even though we have a slogan and titles, we thought the clients might want to translate this short bit of text, or remove it). It was hard work, but he is the final outcome. We had 2 days for preproduction, and 5 days to animate, 1 day for compositing and exporting, and over that time, Miguel was also working on the music! We were very pleased with the outcome considering the length of time we had to make it.

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