Thursday, 20 May 2010

Parts of my film

Production Analysis

This was a difficult, problem filled project. I think I really wanted to try something unique and challenging, it turned out though, once I figured out all the problems within the film it was easier to arrive at the final outcome than I had thought.

During pre-production I sort of realised that I wanted tipex underneath the character, I liked the idea of a moving texture, and will be a bit bold as to say it's sort of like Stopmotion when you can actually get the animators (finger)print on the work and have it boiling. I've always loved this affect so really wanted to try and pay it tribute. Also with tipex itself you can get all sorts of lovely 'gloopy' like feeling to it, or a harshness, or even a softness. I think I went through about 10 bottles of the stuff and I'm still a fan.

Because I wanted to have the tipex boiling underneath the actual character, and because I've always loved rough animation tests I really thought of how I could have an element of this within my film. So in this respect I kept the characters to line work and nothing else. It was hard because I wanted to film it in a way so it looked like the white was moving with the character, but on a separate layer- I couldnt use a StopMotion program because this would involve possibly cutting out each character and putting it over the tipex (which would not have gotten the affect I was looking for) or doing it all on acetate sheets, which would have been nice to try but was too expensive.

So because of this I had to film in Flipbook, which as we know is a line testing application and not much else so I was worried about quality. I had to do a few tests and realised from this that not only would I have to set up HD lights and camera but I couldn't have more than 2 layers within the film, because it would cause it to go too dark, another problem... I had to put everything onto the same layer if I could- and have the tipex photographed along with the background, repeating photography the background layer under acetate, for every time a character moved and also for the 'boiling' affect. It was tough but I liked the final outcome, so went with it in the end. There are a few things Im not happy with within the overall film, I discussed with my tutors from the start that I should do ridgid, clunky animation due to time restriction; because of a lot of clean up work but also because it would compliment the boiling and style of my film.

There are things I would change now, if I could go back and do it all again; but I am glad of this because it means I have learnt a great deal and seen things I need to improve on for my next project. I hope you all like it.

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