Wednesday, 30 December 2009


A couple colour keys and some photos of my home Gibraltar. Think the two places look similar. Need to upload lots of flat work up here but dont have a scanner here so am a bit stuck.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Initial Concept and Design, Pre Production

Few things from my concept and design work. The idea is that my world will be a; steam punk, floating city. In it the characters will all look similar- I need to develop my character ideas further then I will post the work up on here. I'm going to do some shots from the film, I think it will help me better understand the way it will play out, the look, mood and theme of it as well.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Final Sack Animation

The project was to animate two sacks, with two different personalities- making there way over a cliff drop. I worked so hard on this, but something went wrong with the submittal and my Lecturer wasn't able to view it. Was slightly devasted that day.

Sack Project Thumbnails

Character Performance

On this project we were given random sound clips from movies. I got a clip from Closer and it's completely horrible to lipsync- she stumbles over her words, is upset etc...

This was my final charcter performance animation- I'm not really happy with it. I did the lip sync on a different level and suffered when filming, so learnt not to do that next time. So even if I don't get a good mark for it- I feel I have learnt something. And isn't that the point of being in University?

Background Idea

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Sorry couldn't resist showing more

This one is a 4th year film from Calarts- just so...grrr...amazing! (if only this happened in 'Paranormal Activity....¬_¬ stupid scary film)

I love this next one, possibly the funniest thing I have seen-

This one is sweet- the sounds a little funny but the style is awesome. I love the bear- you shall see what I mean...
It really wasn't that difficult to find some beautiful short animations. Calarts always have the nicest 2D work for short films. I have absolutely no idea how they come out like this- I would like to one day know. Hopefully this next project will bring me one step closer to this goal. Here are some examples if you are interested :

Love the character design in that one.

That one is unfinished but I love the background designs in it. Remind me of 'Where the Wild things are' the book not the film...although the movie isn't out yet.

Slightly worrying... haha

Love the characters and the plain background.


Quick Nude

Quick Nude I did with my tablet. I seriously miss life drawing and think it's such a shame we're not even allowed to sit in at the odd session.
This is a great site for extra drawing if anyone has time etc -

My Neighbour Tortoro

This is some concept art for Miyazaki's 'My Neighbour Tortoro'. I love this film and love the concept work behind it to. If you haven't seen it and you love animation it's a must !

Some Character Design for Minor Project

Just finished my Minor Project- well a couple of day ago. Next we have to make a 90 second, film, ad or music promo. I'm now relaxing, looking through lots of 90 second animation clips to get me going. I'm pretty excited about our new project. Going to post some stuff up from the last one now. :)

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